Canoeing in Femund, Norway

Canoeing is all about peace and harmony, leaving all the hustle and bustle behind. And as we paddle through the quiet forest on small lakes, we remember that life should not be all about Facebook, e-mail, and being online. With no service on the phone, we have to start enjoying nature, picking blueberries for breakfast, go for a swim, and just listen to all the sounds.


Close to the Swedish border lies Femund, a 60-kilometer long lake. In my opinion, Femund is way too big for canoeing. It is the smaller area called Jyltingsmarka that consists of many smaller and mostly connected lakes that are the location for this canoe trip.

Take a look at the video from our Canoe trip to Femund 🙂

Stuff to bring canoeing

The biggest difference between hiking with a backpack or even paddle with a kayak that is smaller than a canoe is that we can bring almost whatever we like on a canoe trip. This increases the comfort and how luxurious we can plan our meals. We brought along our biggest tent, thickest sleeping mats, and all our favorite food that we make from scratch on our gas stove.

Here’s a list of the most important things to bring on a canoe trip
  • The canoe itself plus paddles and life jackets, bring your own or rent locally
  • A tent, weight is no issue for this trip
  • A sleeping bag, the nights can be very moist with all the night fog from the lakes which makes it colder than you’d expect
  • A sleeping mat, we recommend the inflatable type for maximum comfort, but be sure to bring a normal sleeping mat as well to protect the inflatable mat from stones and other sharp objects. The normal sleeping mat is also great for lunch and cooking outside the tent
  • A tarp, which is awesome for setting up for shortstops and to make a rain safe kitchen in the camp or just another place than the tent to chill
  • A stove for cooking with pans and fuel, no reason to leave the best gear at home, with a proper stove you can make your favorite food on the go. While you’re at it, make sure to bring cleaning supplies for your dishes, a good knife, and something to eat with, such as a solid spork. We even brought a spatula to flip pancakes
  • Extra clothes, a canoe capsize very easy and you have to be prepared, which brings me to the next point
  • Solid pack bags that can handle a capsize or two. You can also bring a rope to tie all the pack bags to the boat.
  • I think that’s the most important stuff. But really, you can load whatever you’d like into a canoe, so bring all the stuff you want 🙂

Camp life. With the tarp, we feel like having a living room and kitchen in addition to the bedroom (the tent).

A quiet morning

If you’re planning a canoe trip and need some tips or have any further ideas for places to go on a canoe trip, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment

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